C4 Memory #2

In the summer of 1991, I put together a press preview in the Montreal area for the new LT1 engine in the 1992 Corvette. Searching for a suitable race course for this event, I was fortunate to stumble across the city of Trois Rivieres, Quebec, site of the oldest active street course in North America. After a good bit of pleading on my part, the city fathers decided to let us use their circuit.

This track runs around the perimeter of a horse racing track, past a gymnasium, along the edges of a couple of ball fields and right by a school. The city public works department erected concrete barriers and blocked-off several access points so that we could run safely through those areas. The most striking feature on the course was a miniature version of the Arc di Triomphe that straddles the entrance to turn Three. We immediately named it "The Arch of Doom" and, to this day, hardcore members of the Corvette press remember the track portion of this media program for that.

You'd come blasting downhill toward this hulking granite edifice, knowing you had to almost touch the inside corner of it if you hoped to carry any speed through the turn. Too close and you'd leave fiberglass all over the place; too far away and you'd stick your Corvette in a rock wall surrounding one of the city's cemeteries-not a comforting sight at those speeds! The pucker factor was significant, but so were the grins. The LT1 Corvette was awesome on this course and, fortunately, the Arch of Doom claimed nary a victim.

The next year, when it was time to show the all-new' 93 Camaro to the press, I tried to get access to the Trois Riviere circuit, again. Unfortunately, following our two-week Corvette event , the teachers in that school had severely reamed the Mayor of Trois Riviere for the disruption we caused-seems their students had preferred watching our Corvettes screaming by to focusing on their lessons (surprise, surprise) -and he wasn't about to make that mistake again. Drat the luck!

-Tom Hoxie, Director, Product Communications , Chevrolet.

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