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Header sequence

Building a set of headers starts with the flange. No, that's not Billy Gibbons moonlighting doing headers. It's Dawson Racing Headers Technician, Mario Avila.

Piece by piece, the first Dawson 3800 header off the master takes shape. Jigs hold the flange and the collector in place. The next step was to tack-weld the #2 primary pipe.

Most of the primaries are welded-up out of shorter straight or curved sections.

Then, they are tack welded into the header.

Soon, the final primary is added and it actually looks like a header.

Prior to the collector being attached, a little tweaking with a ball-peen was required.

First, the three primaries are welded together.

Then the collector is welded in place.

Mario inspects the work prior to test fitting the header to the engine.

With the partially-finished right header in place, the crossover pipe and collector are jigged-up.

The cross-over pipe is tacked while bolted to the headers and the catalytic converter.

The header is removed and the final welds, including those to the inside the pipe to flange joints, are made.

After welding, the flange-to-head surface is ground flat.

The right header is complete, with Denso oxygen sensor screwed in place, ready to install.

The finished Dawson Racing Headers with the stock manifolds for comparison.

This is the EGR connection on the left headers. As shown, this is the '98-'02 style.

Dawson Racing Headers after coating inside and out by Extreme Performance Heat Coatings.

All Images by the Camaro Homepage Staff.