Building the Tom Henry RS


The idea behind the Tom Henry RS project was to modify a Fourth Generation Camaro, powered by the 3800 Series II V6, to the point that some of its performance characteristics compared with those of the, Fifth-Gen V6 Camaro. 

Base 5G Camaros come with a 323-hp version GM's 3.6-liter, four-cam, direct-injected V6. Our project car build-up modified the 4th gen car's 3.8 liter V6 to about 300-hp then let its lighter weight (3266-lbs vs. 3740-lbs) compensate for the 20-less horsepower. We also tried nitrous oxide which got us just short of 400-hp and, on the bottle, no Fifth Gen V6 had a chance. In addition we did some performance enhancements to the car's suspension and brakes to improve the car's handling and stopping to the point they'll equal or even exceed that of the 5th-Gen car.

The Tom Henry RS project–named to honor the famed, Tom Henry SS Camaros the Bakerstown, PA Chevy dealer sold in 2001 and 2002–was begun back in 2003 for an article in Popular Hot Rodding magazine. In 2005, it was greatly expanded to a series of six articles, for Camaro Performers magazine and ended in early 2007. In 2010, parts of the project covering the engine modifications were repackaged and published in a three-part series for 4th Gen Firebird owners in Pontiac Enthusiast Magazine.

Starting in 2008, the Staff at the Camaro Homepage began rewriting, expanding, and adding more imagery to each article, then posting them as a six-part series. The installments were added once a year. The Tom Henry RS project was completed at the end of 2014. The car is now used by one of our Staff Members in California as a daily driver.

Thanks to all the CHpg visitors and sponsors who made the THRS project possible.