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Fuel Pump Photo Sequence

The fuel tank must be removed to change the pump. See the factory service manual for tank removal.

The fuel tank "bucket" coming out of FV6's tank. Inside it was our dead fuel pump. A special tool is required to remove the retaining ring holding the bucket in the tank. Tom Henry Chevrolet loaned us the tool and we popped off the ring and pulled the bucket....

 ...then laid it on the bench, ready for disassembly.

Use a small screw driver to help get the fuel pump electrical plug loose.

To separate the bucket shells, push on the locks with your thumbs or fingers.

Then, slide the outer shell off the bucket.

The outer shell will remain connected to the center section by fuel hoses..

Remove the electric pump from the inner part of the bucket.

All three parts will still be connected by fuel hoses.

Remove the small black hose from the pump.

Use an "X-Acto" knife to cut the large hose off the bucket top.

Remove the rubber sheath from the old pump.

Cut the remainder of the old fuel hose away with the knife.

The new, Racetronix pump.

The new pump's red outer cover is for V8 applications only and must be removed to use in a V6 fuel pump bucket. It's held in place with a snap ring.

Modify the rubber sheath with the knife, if necessary, apply some rubber lubricant, such as P80, then slide the sheath over the new pump.

Install the new pump into the bucket's inner section.

Reinstall the small black hose then slide the bucket outer shell onto the center section being careful to route the black hose correctly.

Slide the outer shell up until the locks snap in place.

The bucket is reinstalled in the reverse of disassembly.


The Racetronix High-Performance Fuel Pump System comes with a full harness. It is installed onto the floor pan ahead of the rear suspension.

The Racetronix system connects to direct to the alternator and has its own fuse. It is controlled by a relay which is operated by the stock fuel pump power feed.

All images by the Camaro Homepage Staff